Vino Priorat

Mary Ewing-Mulligan from says about Melis 2015:

The 2015 Melis Priorat is an impressive red wine with a dark, intense personality and yet a smooth sophistication that counterbalances its power and weight. 

Its aroma exudes mineral notes of ink and iodine along with fresh blackberry, wild herbs and a slight floral note.  The wine tastes dry and full-bodied with deep flavors of concentrated blackberry and spice, and savory mineral tones.  There’s plenty of tannin in this wine — you notice it particularly on first sip, when the wine has not had the benefit of aeration — but the tannins are soft and supple; they thread through the fabric of the wine, giving it weight and substance, and are thoroughly integrated with the wine’s rich fruit character.  The effect of the tannins is very different from what you can experience in some wines that derive their tannins mainly from new oak barrels, where the tannin seems a separate element, apart from the raw-material expression of the wine.

Javier and Toni describe the winemaking for Melis 2015 as Pinot Noir-inspired: small-lot fermentations in 600-liter open-top Burgundy barrels and small stainless-steel square tanks, punch-downs by hand for gentle extraction of color and tannins, and long macerations — as long as 35 to 40 days–to soften the tannins.  Tasting the wine, this all makes sense: this wine is about smooth and harmonious expression of an austere terroir and its ripe, rich fruit — intermingled with the wild, savory mineral accents of licorella.

94 Points.

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